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This e-mail from a long time student who is now a senior in college warmed my heart! August 2019

... One of my friends, who is a music composition major, asked me to sing a musical theatre song that he wrote and we were able to record in an actual studio on campus in June! It reminded me of recording the songs we worked on together and that experience definitely came in handy. I would have never gotten to where I am vocally without you and all the experience I gained working with you for those 7 years!


Awesome teacher!

Jessica has been teaching voice lessons to my sons for several years. She inspires them to do their best and also challenges them to strive and grow in their skills. She is an amazing teacher! I have witnessed the significant improvement she has accomplished in many of her students!

Customer since February 2012


Voice Lessons

My daughters have been taking singing lessons with Jessica for several years and have grown tremendously in singing and confidence. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Customer since March 2013


Voice Lessons

My daughter has been taking lessons with Jessica for just over a month and I already see such an improvement!

Customer since March 2017


I love her!!

She really understands your voice and I wouldn't sing like I can now without her. She's fun to work with and I feel very challenged and strengthened.

Customer since November 2012


Thank you Jessica!

We are so grateful to have Jessica as our daughter's vocal instructor. She's so kind and very gifted. The most important thing to us is our daughter's confidence has improved and she has continued to love singing. Thank you Jessica for your love and commitment!

Customer since January 2016


Great Lessons!

My daughter takes lessons with Jessica. She has a wealth of knowledge and I can really see the change in her voice! I didn't realize that you could really improve your voice quality. I was of the thought-- you either have it or you don't. I was proven wrong. I love the confidence my daughter has when singing and the joy she has doing something she loves. Thank you to Jessica for all her hard work and the heart she puts into working with young people!

Customer since September 2016


The mother of a student

My daughter has been working with Jessica for a few months now. And since my daughter started working with Jessica my husband and I have seen such improvement in my daughters vocal range. In just a few short months my daughters ability to sing has improved greatly. Not only has my daughters voiced had an overall improvement but her confidence level has also drastically grown. Also, thanks to Jessica's teaching abilities, my daughter landed the lead role in her school play "The little Mermaid"!

Customer since September 2016


Jess is awesome!!

We love Jess! She is patient and kind and really takes her time getting to know you and finding the perfect songs for you to sing! I was nervous to take singing lessons but Jess has been so great to work with and I feel like I have come so far in such a short time! I definitely recommend her!

Customer since May 2016



Jessica is an experienced vocal coach who provides unique, individualized instruction for each of her students. Her knowledge and expertise allow her to select songs that complement but also challenge students, and her passion and enthusiasm is encouraging and motivating. Every time my children meet with her, they grow in confidence and in their vocal skills. Thank you, Jessica!

Customer since November 2015


Jessica Pelle Review

Jessica is a fantastic instructor! She not only guides the voices of the young on into adulthood, but her vision and artistic direction carries over into leading local school plays & performances as an artistic director. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with her!

Customer since May 2016



After starting singing lessons with Jessica last summer, I can feel myself improving everytime that I sing. She is so patient, and has a passion for what she does. She works on a different song with me for a couple of weeks until it is ready to be recorded, and then she uploads it onto her website where I can look back and see what I can improve on. Jessica is ALWAYS prepared each week for every student she has, and connects well too. She never fails to be the highlight of my week!

Customer since June 2015


I love Mrs. Jessica!!!!

I have been going to Jessica for a couple years. She always helps me get ready for auditions. My voice has grown so much with her help! She always makes it easy for me to follow.

Customer since June 2014



ms. jessica pelle is an absolutely amazing teacher!! you won't be disappointed. I've been in lessons for about 4 years now and I've learned and grown so much.

Customer since December 2012


Incredible teacher!!

Jessica is a charismatic, interesting, skilled, optimistic teacher. She utilizes a plethora of varied warm-ups in each lesson, before working on the student's current song. After Jessica teaches the actual song, she works with her students to polish it until it's performance-ready. Once a song is learned, she sets up a mic and helps her students record their songs so they can track their progress. Jessica is positive and helpful and gets amazing results because of her careful instruction.

Customer since April 2014


Jessica Pelle Review

Jessica is an amazing vocal teacher. She is patient, knowledgeable, and always positive. Jessica has great rapport with students of all ages and pushes them to reach their full singing potential.

Customer since July 2015


Jessica Pelle Vocal Instructor

We are very pleased with the vocal instruction Jessica has provided for Sean. We would highly recommend her services to anyone that has interest in improving vocal strength and range.

Customer since September 2014


Magnificent Vocal Instructor & role model!!

Our daughter has grown from enjoying singing to a technical conossieur of the wonderful world of songs & their interpretation at a level that we never imagined. Mrs. Pelle's well rounded background in the performing arts and her ability to connect and empower the young minds to maximize their potential is second to none!!. In such as short time (less than a year) our daughter has blossomed into a young great performer. We are blessed to have Mrs. Pelle as our daughter's singing mentor

Customer since May 2015


Amazing Vocal instructor

My 8-year-old daughter has been going to Jessica Pelle for several months for private singing lessons. We started lessons to get ready for an audition for a musical performance and continued after because she's such a great vocal instructor. She gets so much accomplished in a 30-40 minute period and my daughter loves every minute of it. She feels special with the one-on-one attention and comes out feeling wonderful about herself and her singing. We highly recommend Jessica Pelle to everyone.


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